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izzys 40th ministry of sound fitness

Why are sessions so cheap? 


Training is affordable because of the pandemic many of your financial situations changed so I wanted you to be able to maintain your wellness however as the united kingdom opens up I want your sessions to fit along side your other fitness commitments. 


Will you give me diet advice?


Never to give diet advice you actually have to be a fully qualified nutritionist or dietician which I’m not if you are looking for this kind of advice I ask you to do your research and look for a specialist that can fulfil your needs.


Do you offer training plans?


No I’m only offering in the moment digital training because we are training at home You do not have the equipment that can be used for progressive training so I teach you in our online sessions with what you have and to be honest that’s all you need.


How many times a week should I train? 


To be honest everyone is different you can train every day as long as the sessions are not the same - recovery day could actually include mobility,  Yoga or Pilates.


How many personal training sessions do I really need?


Well if you’re going on holiday and you want to blitz sometimes four weeks of intense training could be enough or you’re getting yourself ready for your wedding and  you've been so busy six weeks could be what you need but if you wanna make a big change 12 weeks is the standard not only will you feel incredible. You will be able to see the difference to but sometimes it’s not about seeing the results it’s about feeling them.


How many times a week should you see a personal trainer?


This depends on your time and your budget one session is enough to keep you accountable but if you need that extra push maybe two 30 minute sessions a week-don’t start too big we can always add more it always seems such a pity when people start really big but then fizzle out I want you to start in a comfortable sustainable way and then once you’ve got your confidence you can take it all the way.


Where do I buy sessions?


If you click on the link here it will take you to where you can buy packages one off sessions.


How do I book my sessions?


If you click on this link it will take you to your booking page, You can only say do this in your members area which I suggest you sign up for because then I can send you class timetables playlists and occasional discounts and there is also an app. 

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