I have trained with Izzy for a few years now and she is the most spectacular motivator. Her classes are always fun, different and a challenge - she makes me love doing work outs! I cannot recommend Izzy highly enough!

Niamh, Graduate 

I have trained with Izzy as part of a group for four years and personally for two years. She has taught me so much about health, fitness, strength, nutrition and power but more than that she has given me self-belief, confidence, technique and a drive I have never had. In the space of 18 months I have lost 15KGs and this culminated in me cycling 1000 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats and raising £250,000 for charity.


Today, Izzy challenges me in every session. She has the ability to make personal training enjoyable and challenging, focused and wholesome, powerful and yogic. Never have I trained with someone who has made me enjoy exercising so much. I am able to do things I never thought possible and what’s more she is able to make me want to constantly challenge myself, grow, develop and do the most amazing things!


Rahul, 40, Financial Consultant


This girl knows her stuff! I trained with Izzy for 4.5 months last year and through weekly PT sessions, group classes and sound nutritional advice (also from Izzy) I lost 20lbs. The PT sessions were varied, so not only managing to keep my interest but get me the results I wanted. The classes were always challenging. Izzy is a huge source of encouragement and even when we were not training was ALWAYS on hand for help… from diet to training ideas. The whole package was tailored to me and my life. Izzy’s energy knows no bounds and it is just infectious. I always looked forward to our sessions and would be training with Izzy to this day had she not moved away….. which I’m still struggling to forgive her for….. ;) But she has set me up for success!


Pip, 35, PA to The Director 


I recently trained with Izzy for 6 weeks, with the goal of fitting into a bridesmaids dress which was too small for me (I stupidly (or bravely?!) gave myself this challenge!). Within 4 weeks of my training, I already reached my goal, and the dress was in fact loose! Izzy is a brilliant personal trainer, and gives great advice on nutrition as well as fitness. I love my food, so was worried I’d have to sacrifice good food and go on a diet to lose the weight, but with Izzy’s help I was still able to eat loads and shed inches at the same time – she just taught me how to eat right! Although it was hard work, Izzy made it a lot of fun! She was incredibly supportive outside of sessions too – with suggestions for workouts to do at home, and even providing recipes for a healthy dinner and yummy snacks (everyone should try the No-bake Chocolate Pecan Squares!)


I’d definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to get fit, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to get in touch with her again when my next challenge comes up!


Teresa, 30, Analyst



I thought I was fit until I started training with Izzy. I have trained with loads of PTs where the routine is pretty much the same formula each week, this is definitely not the case with Izzy! Having trained with her twice a week for two years my body never got used to her classes. I was constantly challenging my body and got stronger and fitter as a result. This has enabled me to stay injury free for the longest period I can remember.


As someone who runs a lot I used to spend spring marathon season with an ice pack permanently attached and was making no real improvements in my times as I was constantly nursing niggles. Izzy focused on core strengthening and plyometric work which meant I had a much more stable base to put in lots of miles. I have successfully completed 3 marathons in the last 18months and shaved 30 minutes of my PB. The ice pack remains in the freezer.


Izzy has an infectious spirit and that is enough of a motivation to get me out of bed at 6am on a Monday morning. Truly one of the best trainers out there.


Robyn, 27, Runner


I have to admit that Izzy was the main reasons I was happy to get up at 0530 in the morning to go to a 0715 a session. She is fun,and works you really hard. It gets to a point you don’t want to let her down so you work harder and afterwards you feel amazing. I was gutted when she left and actually stopped going to the gym, didn’t see the point without her.


Rushmi, 37, PA


I have worked with Isabel for over a year now. A top class trainer who has given me some amazing guidance for both fitness and nutrition. She is constantly pushing me to achieve new targets and has been a pleasure to work with. Bottom line is she gets results


Bobby, 24, Musician


I have worked with Izzy for close to 3 years now, attending her classes which almost killed me and spent the last few months training with her on a PT level preparing for an ultra. This girl knows her stuff! The sessions are always varied but concentrate on areas that I need work on aimed specifically for the events I am training for.


Not only do you walk away with a great feeling of working out, but you know your building your core strength and base fitness, but the session are always infectious with laughs and you tend to forget which part of your body is sore from the workout (only for a moment).


I really look forward to our sessions and can truly say one of the most fun, crazy, infectious, motivating, knows her stuff and will keep you challenged (never tell her you are bored!!) trainers that you will meet.


Anita, 36, Ultra Runner & Finance 


Izzy is awesome, I first started her London based ifit and spinning classes a year ago and the changes/gains were instantaneous. Through intervals, plyometrics, weighted and bodyweight exercises I felt quicker, lighter and stronger immediately! On top of this her nutritional knowledge really put me on the right track to get my body working for me. Really bubbly friendly and approachable personality who loves to push you to limits you didn’t know you had!! AWESOME!


Thomas, 28, Accounts


‘She’s totally infectious! Izzy gets me buzzing every time we meet and gets my energy going... no easy feat. What I particularly love is that Izzy will always make time for me be it a chat about my diet or advice about a supplement, she even drops me the occasional surprise motivational message’.


Noonie, 30, Public Relations


Just wanted you to know that you have inspired me to get back into training and fall in love with being fit ( and slightly fabulous).


Claire, 29, Phyisotherapist


I just wanted to say how great training was. I needed the push and it kicked me back into my determine mindset. I feel great.


Marie, 34, Phd Student


It has been such a pleasure doing training with you for the last year and I'm really going to miss your sessions.


You have truly been an inspiration (and I specially changed my schedule so that I could do 2 of your sessions a week).  It really makes such a difference to me having an personal trainer  that I really like and I love that you push me :)


Carla, 42,  Financial Services


Emma and I really enjoy your sessions and were saying that we would love to do more sessions in the week so we both go everyday. You definately get the most out of us and we feel we gain alot from you. Thank you again


Emma & Vicky, 25, Office Assistants


I just want to say that you’re the BEST PT in the world!


Ausra, 25,  Personal Assistant


'Izzy is a great spinning instructor and an inspirational personal trainer who not only focuses on your goals but more importantly makes sure that you do too by ensuring that physical challenges are accompanied by discipline and lifestyle changes.' Having done spinning for a number of years and with several instructors, spinning was starting to get a bit repetitive for me, but Izzy's classes made me love it again! Izzy's classes are very challenging and never dull - particularly if you like the Foo Fighters!


Wayne, 35, Finance